By the end of this class, you'll be able to

  • Identify where transformation and change will happen next, using your natal chart and upcoming eclipse signs

  • Interpret natal chart planets to reveal how this transformation will affect you

  • Plan and guide the transformation you seek and avoid being blindsided by changes you didn't know to expect

  • Harness transformation to manifest what you want

  • Figure out what you want in the first place!

  • Understand how life events from your past contributed to your growth and progress.

  • Decrease self-doubt, blame, and recrimination by re-framing perception of "past mistakes"

This Eclipse Astrology Class is...

A great introduction to predictive astrology without the technicalities of multiple transits, progressions, and perfections.

Perfect for beginners who want to start with a small area of focus.

Excellent for astrology veterans who haven't yet delved into the predictive power of eclipses.

An empowering introduction to using the signs and planets in the eclipse houses to predict your power spots and rough spots in the road.

Full of knowledge to help loved ones, friends, or clients to navigate and maximize their own transformation!

Structured with short, easy-to-digest lessons labeled "Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced" to allow you to navigate content comfortably. (If you're just starting out with astrology, start with the beginner lessons and build your knowledge from there!)

This class will include

Over 3 hours of recorded video instruction with slides (2 hours already available)

Over 40 video modules covering eclipse interpretation and transformation prediction, including life areas affected, astrological sign energies, superpowers and challenges of major planets, lights, and asteroids (32 already available)

25 questions for journaling, meditation, and contemplation to help you get the most out of your life's transformational energies

Downloadable PDF sign/house/planet keyword tables to print out, applicable to many other astrology activities including transits, solar arc, progressions, locational astrology, and astrological remediation

I didn't expect to get an explanation of what was happening to me, but Robin's use of the classical astrology techniques got down, deep, to the source of my true nature.

Jacqueline B., Los Angeles, CA

Robin is one of the most trusted speakers and teachers among my colleagues. She is always a wealth of good knowledge as well as a highly evolved spiritual individual suited to assist other people's development. I am very privileged to have attended her classes!

Audrey Lee, Owner


I loved everything I learned in the reading! It all resonated and was very helpful. It was fascinating to learn about astrology. I'm excited to dig in and research more. It was so fun, and I learned a lot.

Mindy S., North Bend Minnesota

Example Curriculum

  Eclipse Astrology Principles
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days after you enroll
  Contemplation Questions for Each Sign Axis
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Sign Energies
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Planetary Influences
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days after you enroll

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Eclipse Astrology Class FAQs

What is eclipse astrology?

The signs an eclipse occurs in and those signs’ location in an astrological natal chart indicate where change occurs, what energies make the most of these transformations, what energies can help you, and what challenges you are likely to face.

You can also understand past transformations and distinguish between positive change and “learn from this” challenges or difficulties resulting from your own mistakes or confusion.

Eclipse astrology helps you learn from past transformations and make the most of future changes.

Does eclipse astrology make exact predictions about what will happen on a certain specific day?

 Eclipse astrology can tell you where change occurs (career, home / family, education) in a 6-month window. It's a heads-up on where your life is going to prepare for major changes. It won't tell you what day you’ll meet the love of your life in a yellow shirt at the corner coffee shop. Sorry, no lottery numbers!

Eclipse astrology empowers you to decide what kind of change you want and where your life needs greater balance and authenticity with your true self. Make informed and educated choices about creating the life that you want!

Do I have to relearn new significations for the signs, houses, and planets?

This eclipse astrology class uses the standard Western definitions for houses, signs, and planets. Small tweaks apply to the eclipse context of transformation and change. But if you know the basic significations, you can focus on the explanatory eclipse interpretation modules.

Can I use eclipse astrology even if I'm an astrology beginner?

Yes, I suggest downloading the PDFs and starting with the keywords or starting just with the videos on the houses, signs, and planets that deal with the eclipse sequence you are trying to understand - the current one if you're trying to understand what's happening to you now, a past sequence to make sense of previous events, or the upcoming sequence to plan for future change.

How do I figure out what eclipses happened when?

I recommend using Under the tab “Moon Phase Calendar,” click on solar and lunar eclipses for the current year. Below that list are links for solar and lunar eclipses by decade - if you want to search for a specific life period - or by sign if you want to know when eclipses were affecting specific areas of your chart.

For the year 2021, you can use this link: 

How long will it take me to get through this class?

Of course, it depends on your learning speed. If pressed for time, watch the first series of modules on eclipse interpretation and jump right to the houses, signs, and planets for your current or upcoming transit - about an hour and a half of video time. Factor in time to analyze how the houses, signs, and planets apply to your life, utilizing journaling or meditation. Total time about 2 and 1/2 hours.

Does this class help only with the next eclipses, or can I keep coming back for every future set of eclipses?

You receive lifetime access to the material, which covers every eclipse in every sign in every chart position. Come back as much as you want to analyze past eclipses, understand current transformations, and create positive future change.

How can I use this content to help loved ones, friends, or family?

Eclipse astrology is great for supporting people through their own periods of transformation and change. Your minor children’s charts and the charts of adult friends and family members (with their permission) provide insights into how to empathize, advise, or just make sense of a particularly difficult transition.

Eclipses in your 4th, 7th, 8th, and 11th signs, especially, may also involve others who are close to you. Eclipse impacts in those charts can elucidate how your change will affect those around you. Please be sensitive, gentle, and responsible as you use this insight to contribute to their highest good.